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Open 7 days a week from 10am ● Call us on 09-445-6969
Open 7 days a week from 10am ● Call us on 09-445-6969

Terms & Conditions


Our website accepts payments by credit card. If you are using the online credit card payment facilities on this site then it is your responsibility to ensure that the transaction, credit card information, and all other details you provide in relation to your payments made through the website are correct. We do not accept any liability for transactions which are incorrect as a result of inaccurate data or information provided by you.

All prices and transactions are in New Zealand Dollars including 15% GST. All credit card transactions for the purchase of goods from this website are processed via Windcave a secure payment gateway provider dedicated to this purpose.

The card details that you enter in the payment window are transmitted over SSL encrypted connection directly between your web-browser and Windcave. Windcave is a best practice system used to facilitate electronic payments seamlessly to the acquiring bank in real time and is certified and compliant to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), as a level 1 processor; this includes quarterly scans of its systems and annual onsite audits by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). DPS PCI compliance validation can be found in VISA’s Global List of PCI DSS Validated Service Providers.


Cancellation Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis at our sole discretion. Consideration will not be given to orders already dispatched.


As a customer you are responsible for understanding the items you are purchasing from our site. We realise that exceptional circumstance can take place with regard to product manufacture and supply where a remedy may be required. It is our policy to remedy problems directly where possible through repair and replacement in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Refund of payment will only be considered under the following circumstances.

  • Non-delivery of the product.
  • Delivery of incorrect product where replacement with correct items is not possible.
  • Goods with manufacturing defect causing a non-remedial mechanical or structural malfunction.
  • Goods damaged* or destroyed in delivery. (*excluding minor cosmetic damage).

While we will consider refunds for other reasons on a case by basis, any refund request for orders correctly delivered that are free of defect or damage, and correctly fulfilled to the specification of your order, will not be accepted.

Approved refund requests will be processed back to the credit card used at time of purchase.

If you have any queries regarding an order, payment or refund, please contact us


ELECTRIC SCOOTER SHOP WARRANTS THAT GOODS PURCHASED FROM OR DISTRIBUTED IN NEW ZEALAND ARE FREE OF MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP DEFECTS ACCORDING TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS BELOW: The warranty covers the product and its component parts, and Electric Scooter Shop warrants the scooter and battery for 12 months or 1000kms (whichever is sooner) in the case of Inokim, Segway, Vsett, Mercane, Fiido, Unagi, Apollo and Hero products. For Dualtron/Speedway scooters the factory warranty is 12 months on the battery and 6 months on the scooter (as supplied by the imported).

Exclusive extended 2 year warranty: Electric Scooter Shop offers New Zealand's only 2 year warranty. For the second year of ownership, Electric Scooter Shop will support any defect repairs on a parts-cost only basis, meaning the customer pays the price of the parts, and the diagnosis and labour is complimentary.

Neither the factory warranty nor the extended warranty covers wear-and-tear parts repair or replacement, only the breakage/failure of defective parts. Wear-and-tear components include, but are not limited to, brake components including cables, pads and discs, tyres and tubes, deckpads, suspension components, folding mechanisms, lights, and can also include switchgear. Basically anything that wears out from use and requires replacement as part of a servicing regime is not covered by either warranty. Running a scooter is a much cheaper version of running a car. Some ongoing servicing is needed to keep it in tip top condition.


Where water ingress has occurred and is the cause of the issue being experienced. Electric scooter products are not waterproof and water damage will void your warranty.

Where the component (including battery) has been tampered with, modified, or repaired by any person other than an approved Electric Scooter Shop technician or service centre.

Warranties are non-transferable from the initial purchaser.

\Where the product has been used for purposes outside of its normal and primary uses. This can include off-road use, stunt riding, use under exceptionally heavy load beyond stated load capacity, or use in exceptionally hot or cold conditions.

Where the battery has been damaged through incorrect management, including being left discharged, or left inactive for an extended period which will cause cells to become damaged.

Where the product has been used for commercial purposes, including hiring/rental, touring groups, and other uses in association with a business or endeavour, including competition use. These products are designed for the stresses and wear associated with individual private usage.

Where standard recommended maintenance has not been carried out and permanent damage has occurred as a result.

Where damage has occurred in the opinion of Electric Scooter Shop as a result of being dropped, scraped, stored in damp/wet conditions, abused and/or subjected to poor care or misuse.

Where the product has been modified in any way from the manufacturers’ specifications.

Where Electric Scooter Shop has not been notified of any concerns before the expiration of the warranty period

Where any product has had the serial number removed or tampered with.


Proof of purchase must be provided at the time of making Electric Scooter Shop or its agents aware of the issue.

A written description of the issue must be provided.

The goods must be returned to Electric Scooter Shop at the purchaser’s cost. A charge will be made as appropriate if a return courier/transportation is required.

Repairs will be enacted with new or factory refurbished/rebuilt components and the product returned to the customer in sound working condition.

Repairs and components supplied will be warrantied for the balance of the existing warranty period.

A service charge may be applied for instances where no issue exists, for time spent on evaluation and investigation. For example where a product has been insufficiently charged and is returned under warranty for ‘poor performance’.


Where your purchase is for the purposes of your business, then the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 do not apply.

Where your purchase is for personal use then you may have additional rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.


Delivery is generally within 5 business days. However we ask you to please allow up to 10 business days for delivery, especially when ordering from more remote NZ locations.