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I can wholeheartedly agree with all of the 5 star reviews for Electric Scooter Shop. I did a lot of research into Electric Scooters online first, then went to a couple of other places to test ride some scooters, before going to Electric Scooter Shop. There was absolutely no pressure to buy a scooter, and both Jonno & Andrew are very personable people to deal with. After multiple visits to test ride the two choices I had narrowed it down to, I settled on my choice, & am very happy with it. Thanks for all the effort Electric Scooter Shop put into the whole process for me, including their Tech guy Luke for his help.

Graham Scott

The staff are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They provide an in depth explanation on everything and have the best range. I highly recommend this place to all new people and experienced alike.

Daniel Catchpole

We've had the best purchasing experience with Jonno and his team at Electric Scooter Shop. The entire process was seamless. Jonno was super knowledgeable about the products and also went out of his way to help us replace a stolen scooter. Thank you!

Sarina Yang

Went in looking to buy an E-scooter in a couple of weeks. Already 90% set on the hero range, Jonno made sure I tried the whole range to solidify what I like/dislike. Going to be preordering the Hero x8 from these guys. Great shop and knowledge

Etienne de Haan

It was a holiday when we went to look at some scooters but the shop owners were so cool about helping us out anyway.  They were extremely knowledgeable about the scooters they had and we're ecstatic about our purchase. Will def be back for our next scooter 🤩

Kristina Labayen

Thanks so much to Jonno and team for the great experience. Great advice, lots of patience and a great scooter selection. Stellar after-sales service too! I’m very happy with my new ride ☺️

Jani du Preez

Jonno made procuring a new E-scooter a piece of cake. He's easy to talk to, friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help you pick the right scooter for you. Definitely worth a visit!

Josh PT

Amazing service and wonderful people. Would highly recommend shopping here for all e- scooter needs!

Catherine Upton

Highly recommend, great knowledge about the products and very helpful with all my questions.
Thank you for the good service

Bradley Marsh

How To Choose A Scooter

Have you considered the most common use you will have for your e-scooter? If you will be taking it on public transport frequently, for example, something light and easily folded will serve you well. If you plan to explore some trails, you will be looking at something more robust.

Range will be one of your biggest considerations, and it also relates closely to terrain and rider weight. Manufacturers stated ranges are often optimistic, and are set under test conditions, typically a 60kg rider, a flat test circuit, no stopping or starting, and speed around 25kmh. If this sounds like you, you may well get close to the stated range. But if not, expect considerably less range. Buying an e-scooter with a large battery, and ideally an ‘A Grade’ battery (Samsung, LG or Panasonic) will give you the better range options.

Terrain relates closely to range, but can also affect your enjoyment of your electric scooter. Even a 300w e-scooter will humm along nicely on the flat, but add in even a shallow incline, and for a heavier rider, you can slow right down. If you intend riding in a hilly area, look for a large single motor, or better still a twin-motor scooter, where you can power both wheels on the uphill sections. Climbing hills uses a lot of power, so expect to cut into the maximum range if you are grinding against gravity!

Apologies for the personal question, but rider size also plays a big part in e-scooter selection. Very tall riders will find some models cramped and the handlebars too low (some have extension options, so ask us about these). Lighter riders have it easy, but heavier riders will find the uphills a battle if their scooter is underpowered. Most scooters have a max weight of 120kg, although some sturdy models are rated to 130kg or even 150kg.

If you are new to e-scootering, the performance of some models may take you by surprise, especially if you are used to the rental scooters, or if you haven't ridden at all. On most models we can tune the performance through the throttle controls, to make the ride more manageable when starting out. We always recommend use of a helmet, gloves and enclosed shoes as a minimum for safety wear. We definitely suggest test riding wherever possible, and we keep over 20 scooters available for testing at our shop, so you can be sure to be comfortable in your choice.

An electric scooter for adults can be a very personal thing, and for some, factors such as how the throttle is positioned can make an e-scooter enjoyable to ride, or be a source of frustration. Some riders like a wide deck and a feet side-by-side stance, others like to ride skateboard style. Some like low-maintenance drum brakes, others prefer the harder grab of a disc brake. There are many factors at play, and if you are unable to come in and test ride, we are happy to discuss by phone or email with you.

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