Our Brands

Inokim - ‘Urban Freedom’

Inokim began as MyWay, as a garage-project, way back in 2009. Their award-winning designer, Nimod Saphir, set about creating a green, clean and sustainable mode of transport, and created the Quick scooter, in 2011. 2013 saw the creation of the Quick 1 (still in the range, now as the Quick 3), and 2015 the launch of the Light, a more lightweight, less powerful but more manageable and smaller scooter. In 2015 came the Mini, and in 2018 the might OX, which secured a coveted Red Dot Design Award from the prestigious international committee.

The company are based in Tel Aviv in Israel, where the design centre is based, and manufacture in China.

We find Inokim e scooters to be a best-in-class product. They are smooth and refined like no other brand on the market, and whilst they are a premium-priced product, the quality is evident throughout and they eclipse any other brand to sit in the market-leading position.

MiniMotors (Speedway and Dualtron)

MiniMotors are based in Korea, and lay claim to be the longest-established electric scooter company in the world, starting out in 1999. They became number one in the Korean domestic market in 2000, distributed the US-made Go-ped in 2006, and in 2011 launched the Fireball e-scooter.

In 2014 they launched the Speedway brand, and began manufacture in their new Chinese factory, and in 2015 launched the mind-blowing twin-motor Dualtron, and began exporting. These 2 brands, Speedway and Dualtron, are the backbone of MiniMotors, and have spawned subsequent models with ever-increasing power and performance.

Speedway, and even more so Dualtron, are brands that push the performance envelope for the electric scooter. At the top level they are raw and exciting, with a futuristic-industrial feel.

This is a brand that dispenses with the corporate polish to offer up the highest-performance scooters available anywhere in the world. They build their own scooters, not sold by anyone else as anything else. You are buying a unique product with Dualtron.

Hero are one of the most exciting new brands to emerge into the Scooterscape, run by passionate owners who put their heart and soul into every detail, and strive to create great value and high-performance products.


Hero are also a proprietary-build company. They are not labelling up scooters from a mass-production factory. They are crafting their own unique products, and offering something fresh and different in the marketplace. We are proud to be the NZ importer and distributor for this fine brand.
Hero scooters offer amazing performance, signature super-bright light tubes, funky style and immense rideability. Hero Riders are always having fun!


Hailing from Korea and established in 2015, Mercane have proved themselves to be constant innovators, prepared to offer unconventional-looking personal mobility solutions that just work well!

Pioneering technologies such as die cast one-piece construction and wide, airless tyres, you can guarantee any Mercane product will be turning heads. Are you ready for all the attention?!

With other products already in the marketplace in addition to futuristic scooters including an electric camping/picnic trolley and a racey 3-wheeler, expect to hear a lot from Mercane in the years to come. The world needs companies like this!


If there is one electric-mobility company that needs no introduction, it has to be Segway! Who can forget the groundbreaking self-balancing ‘magic broomstick’ that is the original 2-wheeled Segway, a product still widely used in security, media, and tourist operations worldwide.

On turning their considerable expertise to the e-scooter domain, Segway have created fun and stylish products at a remarkable price point.

With the ES2 / Ninebot, Segway almost single-handedly created the perfect cityhop scooter, and scooter rental companies are still copying the classic design to this day