Business Use

Scooters provide a safe, easy and affordable mobility solution for large sites. Security guards can cover more ground faster. Vehicle movers can pop one in the boot, drop off and ride back, and factory managers can be almost everywhere at once, without all the footwork. E-scooters can add an additional revenue stream to a holiday rental, and reduce vehicle usage by a large corporation. 

We have broad experience working with some of New Zealand’s best companies. Check out some of our case studies below, and get in touch to see how we can help your organisation to get scootering!


Avis Rentals operate an off-airport vehicle preparation facility and need to move cars to terminals for customer collection, then get back quickly to the facility. A 5-scooter fleet has enabled staff to operate individually, and slash relocation times.


Farmer Auto Village operates a 12-brand multi-franchise dealership mega-site in Tauranga, with 150+ staff. When they needed to get their vehicle movers around quickly between sites, they came to us for a solution. A 20-minute walk became a couple of minutes on an Inokim Quick 3 scooter!

Case Study 3: Hamilton City Council

Hamilton City Council operate the Citysafe programme, providing community support patrols. When they needed a quick-response unit, what better way then on Dual-drive sports scooters. There’s no quicker way to get around a congested urban environment than on a speedy electric scooter.

Case Study 5: Vodafone

We worked closely with Vodafone in their flagship InnoV8 Takapuna offices to supply a fleet of 10 branded e-bikes to enable staff to zip quickly to meetings, and easily access the thriving central Takapuna cafes, as part of an overall drive that successfully reduced company vehicle usage by one third. The initiative proved extremely successful. Who doesn’t want free and speedy zero-emission transport?!

Case Study 5: Holiday Accommodation Scooter Rentals

We have clients now discovering how easily they can add an additional revenue stream to their apartment rentals, by offering e-scooter rental on an hourly or daily basis. The capital cost of the scooters can be paid off in no time, and the guests are excited about having a quick and easy way to explore the locality.