Where we came from….and where we are going!

With the lightest touch of the throttle, this thing was off like a scalded cat! Swift, and purposeful, driven by a silent energy, gliding over the tarmac. It was my first e-scooter experience, and I was impressed! Surely these would catch on?

At the time I had recently set up Think Electric Bikes, after a conversation with my friend Ludo had alerted me to the vast cycling infrastructure being established in Auckland. I had been languishing in the motor trade, unfulfilled and seeking better. And e-bikes were new, fun, clean, and whispered of a car-free future. But what of these scooter contraptions? Were they the preserve of kids and hipsters alone?

We invested in some basic e-scooter models. Things started slowly. E-bikes people understood. It’s a bike. Scooters…..were slower. But we had faith. We introduced some new lines, tried this and that, things improved, then rental scooters arrived and the landscape changed fast.

Now there was an enormous fleet where people could try this fun trend for themselves. And like any gateway drug, they got people hooked! Scootering was in (and for us, e-bikes went out, as we doubled down on our vision for an electric scooter future).

Mid-2021 marks 5 years for us in the micro-EV market, and we have learned a lot, and are still learning on a daily basis. Scootering is mainstream. Electric scooters are faster, safer, go further, last longer. We have Electric Scooters in Wellington, we have Electric Scooters in Auckland, we have Electric Scooters in Christchurch. We have Electric Scooters NZ wide, and opening new frontiers every week!

Riding an electric scooter is a great way of saying ' I am living in a modern, tech-driven world, and I am embracing the future'. It's also a great way of saying 'Whhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee', and you'll be saying that a lot as you get the e-scooter bug. Because it's a whole lot of fun.

Let's take a look at some sensible reasons why you might want to get into e-scootering. Because you may have to justify the purchase to your partner, parents, kids, or boss. Don't worry, we've got your back.

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  • An electric scooter is almost free to run. Maybe 20 cents to charge, so little you won't notice a bump in your power bill
  • E-Scooters are foldable, and most can fit in a car boot, under a bus or train seat, and in a small closet. So moving around with them and storing them is super-easy
  • As urbanisation intensifies, and more central apartment-style living accommodation develops, often without car parking, solutions are needed. Electric scooters are the perfect option.
  • An Electric Scooter for adults works perfectly as a 'last mile solution' to get you from home to ferry, home to bus station, train station to work, or just drive into the city and park in the free areas, then scooter the last bit into work. So easy!
  • You can take your electric scooter to events where you anticipate a lot of walking. Zip around a festival site or big outdoor show. Cover more ground, see more, do more.
  • Because you can usually take your e-scooter anywhere with you, there is less risk of theft than chaining up a bike and leaving it. But still lock it or lose it if it’s unattended. These are objects of desire!
  • It's a great fun activity to do with friends and family. Out in the fresh air, everything is sharper and clearer than if you drive. You interact more, see more, enjoy more.
  • It's impossible to be miserable on a scooter. Just try it. You can't help but grin, and grinners are winners!

Electric Scooter Shop is the premiere location in New Zealand to buy an electric scooter. We represent only the top international brands, no copycat designs, and Electric Scooter Shop can give you the right advice and make the buying process enjoyable and informative.

We stock all types of e-scooter from lightweight 300watt options to full-on, 2000watt+ off-road suitable monsters, and everything in between.

Here's some free advice. If you are thinking of buying a scooter, have a look on Alibaba and see if the same scooter is available, unbranded, from a number of different suppliers. If it is, you are considering buying a generic, unsupported product, knocked out by a copycat factory (or many copycat factories) to jump on the scooter bandwagon. The suppliers we favour have been producing top-end electric scooters for many years, are constantly evolving and developing, and have quality control at the forefront of their philosophy.

We ride scooters and we love the freedom and ease of scooters. Why trust your scooter-buying to a generalist when you can receive professional and specific advice and products from Electric Scooter Shop. We help you make the right choice, and support you in your e-scooter life. We've been in the game since 2016 ourselves. Come for a chat and experience the difference.

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