Why would I buy a scooter when I can rent one?

Our view is that rental scooters are great as a temporary solution, but they are often not there when needed, are frequently flat or faulty, and have a limited level of comfort and performance. Plus they are expensive! Your own scooter give you door-to-door freedom, and you can even take it away on holiday!

Is it OK to ride in the rain?

IP (dust and waterproofing rating) varies with brand. Our recommendation is that light drizzle is OK, but avoid heavy rain and standing water. Scooters are low to the ground, and with enough water it will get in eventually and can cause damage.

How far can I go?

How long is a piece of string?? Range depends on battery and motor size, terrain, and riding style. Flat terrain, light rider, consistent speed and half throttle will realistically be double (or more!) the range of heavy rider, hilly terrain, lots of stop-start riding and giving it max on the throttle. That said, if you are a full-size adult and you live around hills, buy the scooter with the biggest battery you can afford!

How long does it take to charge?

Charging time depends on battery size. A medium-sized battery around 10ah will take around 4 to 5 hours, whilst a massive 20Ah battery will be double that. You will also get 80% of the charge in relatively quickly compared to the last 20%, as the resistance is greater for the last part of the charging.

Do I need to replace the battery?

Li (Lithium Ion) batteries will degrade over time. Much like your cellphone or laptop, as time goes on they won’t hold charge like they did when new. That said, you should still have useable capacity after around 400 charge cycles. We do carry spare batteries for all scooters.

Do you have spare parts?

We carry a comprehensive stock of spares for all the scooters we sell

What sort of warranty do I get?

Most brands we sell have a one year warranty, the exception is Dualtron / Speedway, where the warranty is 6 months.

What does the warranty cover?

All the major stuff including motors, batteries, controller units, throttle units, chargers etc are covered. Things that aren’t are wear-and-tear items such as brake pads and discs, cables, tyres, tubes etc.

What servicing is required?

Scooters are simple things, and there isn’t a massive amount of maintenance. We do recommend you check bolt tightness every month or so yourself, and tyres pressures at the same time to guard against punctures. We recommend you have us do a ‘check / tune’ service after 6 months

Where can I ride legally?

As legislation changes and gets updated, we recommend you review the NZTA website if this is a concern for you. We also go into detail on our ‘Current Rules and Regs’ page on this website https://www.nzta.govt.nz/vehicles/vehicle-types/low-powered-vehicles/.

In summary, ride safe, wear a helmet and don’t be a dick, and in our experience that is usually enough to avoid any run-ins!

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