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Open 7 days a week from 10am ● Call us on 09-445-6969
The top 7 things to consider when choosing an electric scooter

The top 7 things to consider when choosing an electric scooter

Thinking about buying an electric scooter? Good call. But how do you avoid buying the wrong electric scooter? Read on…

1. Decide what sort of riding you are going to be doing. Scooters come in many different sizes, levels of specification and performance, and of course prices. Matching to your needs is paramount.

2. How far will you be riding? Battery size is the biggest factor in determining the range of a scooter. A battery of around 10ah (amp-hours) should see you around 20-25km of real-world range. But read on for other factors.

3. How hilly is the area you are riding in? Nothing drains a battery, and causes a scooter to struggle, than big steep hills. To climb hills you need power in the motor. In the authors opinion, 500w (watts) plus is the go-to power output for hilly areas. And higher wattages need more electrical power, cue a bigger battery.

4. How often will you be riding? If you are planning on a daily commute on your escooter, you will likely be racking up the kms. Cheaper scooters are not built for this level of use. You will need to buy a proven, durable branded scooter or it will be back to the car for you when it breaks down (and it will)!

5. What terrain are you riding on? Smooth, flat areas work well for smaller-wheeled scooters with no suspension. If you have rough ground, broken pavement, or other more challenging surfaces to traverse, a scooter with suspension, bigger tyres, and more ground clearance will suit you better

6. What sort of a rider are you likely to be? Are you generally cautious, dislike speed, and like to keep a careful eye on things, or are you an adrenaline junkie, who gets a buzz from a quick take-off and a well-taken corner? Choose your scooter carefully, to avoid one that is too much, or too little, for you.

7. How portable do you need your scooter to be. Looking at pictures its hard to get a sense of size, but a lightweight 300w scooter weighs about 11kg, folds easily, and fits easily in almost any car boot, or under a bus seat. A 1000w scooter will weigh upwards of 27kg, and be scaled accordingly. It might just fit across the back seats at a push!.

These are just some of the factors at play, and the reason that we urge you wherever possible to visit our store and test ride the scooters before committing to one. We repeatedly get customers who come for one model but leave with another, and its often a cheaper one than they first considered, when they come to fully understand what it is they want it to be able to do.

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