Stay Scooter-Safe in the Silly Season
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Stay Scooter-Safe in the Silly Season

It is upon us once again, that delirious period of the year when searing sunshine burns away our inhibitions and we are all taken by the desire to cut loose from our winter bonds and live a little, albeit in a masked and covid-resistant manner….With your Christmas Cheer and welfare in mind though, here are our do’s-and-don’t’s for safe summer scooter fun:

Do: Get out in the sunshine with the wind in your hair and feel the freedom on your scooter

Don’t: Lend your scooter to the most drunk person at the works or neighborhood drinks who claims they ‘know what they are doing’ before they wrap it and themselves around a Xmas tree

Do: Buy a quality lock and use it. Every. Single.Time. Because not everyone waits til Xmas Day for their ‘presents’.

Don’t: Think ‘She’ll be right’’ and leave your shiny new ride outside the cafe/bar/house. Often she won’t be right. Goodwill does not extend to everyone. Xmas spoiled.

Do: Get your kids into scootering, with the proper gear and age-appropriate machine

Don’t: Let them tear up the neighbourhood 2-up, no helmets, in jandals. It will end in tears (theirs).


Do: Safety check your equipment before riding. Pump your tyres, check your brakes, check the bolts and fastenings haven't worked loose. 

Don't: (As above) think 'She'll be right'! Scooters can be dangerous when poorly maintained, and ultimately you are responsible for ensuring your ride is alright.


Do: Get an Uber back from the late-night Xmas party session

Don't: Decide that tonight would be a great time to do 40kmh down the Queen Street pavement on a  rental scooter with your beer-bravery on full display. Please, just don't!


Do: Consult an expert for advice before taking the plunge into scootering. You don't want to end up with something inappropriate, too fast or too slow for your needs

Don't: Buy some random scooter 'on special' off the internet. Expert advice is free, so make the most of it! You could also check out our 'How to choose a scooter' feature, using this link


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