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Open 7 days a week from 10am ● Call us on 09-445-6969
Expert Advice On Choosing an Electric Scooter NZ

Expert Advice On Choosing an Electric Scooter NZ

OK. So you have tried a Lime scooter, or maybe a Bird scooter, and you have looked at all the electric scooters for sale. You’ve seen one for kids, like the original Razor, but you want the best electric scooter for adults. Maybe not the coolest electric scooter, but the best e scooter for your own situation. But where to start?

There is a lot of information and dis-information around, however if you are thinking of taking the plunge and wondering where to buy electric scooters, this article is for you.

If you have been asking ‘Is there an electric scooter shop near me’, the chances are not, as the field is quite specialized. Some bike shops stock a couple of models, but for the full range and advice you need to consult an electric scooter store, and there are only a handful around.

Some questions you might want to think about are:

– Do you need a portable electric scooter?

– What range do you need from your electric scooter battery?

– Do you need an easily foldable electric scooter?

– Is hill climbing important, or do you just want the fastest electric scooter?

– Are you looking specifically at an electric scooter for seniors, where stability and easy riding are important?

– Do you just want the best electric scooter, or an affordable electric scooter?

I’ll be straight up from the start. A cheap electric scooter will do the job at a basic level. You can buy a Xiaomi scooter from an electronics store where the staff can tell you its a battery powered scooter and little else, and it will roll you along. But cheap scooters lack range, power, and climbing ability. If you are a heavy rider, you want a powerful electric scooter or you will be pushing it up even moderately steep hills. Where’s the fun in that??

An adult electric scooter, in our opinion, isn’t just adult-sized, it is adult-powered, and adult-braked as well (heavier objects exert greater inertia and require greater stopping force). Look for twin brakes, with levers, and preferably drum or disc brakes.

If you are thinking to buy an electric scooter online, we would advise against it, at least not before you have test-ridden a selection of scooters for sale. Your first thought should be ‘Where can I buy an electric scooter where I can test ride a range’, and that is where somewhere like Electric Scooter Shop comes in. We have all available models on the shop floor to demonstrate, and you can compare models within a range and across ranges. For example, we have several top-end scooters, which are at a similar price point but have very different characters. They sell in roughly equal numbers, but some people see one as one of the best e-scooters for sale, and the others they can consider the worst e-scooter ever, and vice versa! So you really need to test ride until you are certain.

Cheap electric scooters will try to be all things to everyone, but a specialist can guide you. Perhaps you want a very stable scooter? We have several recommendations, also taking riding distance and terrain into account, as well as behaviour under power, braking ability and style, etc. This is the sort of information you will only get from a specialist. Do you want a very portable electric scooter? We would look at a couple of specialised models, but only if you didn’t have a hilly ride. If you were a heavier rider or a nervous novice, our scooter buying advice would differ again... I could go on, but you probably get the picture by now.

We are always happy to talk electric scooter deals, especially for company purchases, and we have set up electric scooter fleets and one-offs for notable corporate clients. Just call up or call in. Thank you for reading!

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stacey Johnston-Smale - February 17, 2021

Thanks all good advice I will make the trip to Devo and seek out the experts.

Jill Briggs - December 7, 2020

Great info as I’m looking at getting a scooter for my daughter

Jill Briggs - December 7, 2020

Great info as I’m looking at getting a scooter for my daughter

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