Vsett 9+ best electric scooter for adults NZ
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+
Vsett 9+

Vsett 9+

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When looking for a lightweight performer with the flexibility of a dual-motor design, the Vsett 9+ is a perfect commuter-scooter and lightweight sports-scooter that should be on everybody's list of options.

Sold in New Zealand with the 19.2Ah LG battery, the competitive price includes this A-grade battery option for extended range, long-life and reduced fade. The difference between generic batteries and A-grade (LG/Panasonic/Samsung) cells is marked.

The Vsett 9+ is packed with great fun and safety features. The customisable throttle allows you to tune your scooter your way, and electronic key-tag security.

Built-in indicators with automatic turn-off feature allow you to give clear notice of your riding intentions, and the super-bright LED lights and brake lights make sure you stand out at night.

With dual adjustable suspension the ride quality is smooth and reassuring, assisted by the 3" wide air-filled tyres, a new industry-leading feature from Vsett.

Keep riding when the weather turns against you. All Vsett models are IP54 water-resistant.

Special mention must be made of the remarkably robust folding/locking mechanism, which makes competing systems look amateur in comparison. It eliminates movement in the steering column, making this scooter feel rigid and safe.

Receiving rave reviews and white-hot reception worldwide, we are proud to be able to bring you the ground-breaking Vsett range, and the V9+ may well be the sweetest spot in this sweet-as line-up!

VSett 9+ Specifications

Battery Capacity
Dual drive 650W x2
Dual 120mm discs, mechanical
Charge Time
9.5 Hours (4.5 Hours dual chargers)
Max Speed
Max Load
Colour Options
Factory scheme (as depicted)
*Range test conditions
Maximum range is achieved at 20-25km/h on a flat route, with a 60kg rider.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
A really good ride

OK. So I've had my Vsett 9+ for a few weeks now. Long enough to have done a couple of hundred km and have my first puncture. This is a long one, but if you're serious about buying the right machine, I hope this helps.
What I've liked so far.
1. The suspension. It's pretty good in most situations. It copes with some decent size lumps and bumps and soaks up a heap of jarring and vibration. An amazingly smooth ride after riding a no suspension scooter.
2. The ergonomics. I've found it very comfortable and controllable as an average height 86kg adult. The swept handle bars and ergonomic grips are great.
3. The rear footrest. Good for control and under acceleration off the mark.
4. Some colour. It's not all black! Makes a positive change.
5. Indicators. Easy to use and I've been told that they are actually pretty effective and quite visible. I like to use them at roundabouts in particular.
6. Speed. Gotta love overtaking cars when you're riding in the cycle lanes :-).
7. Brakes. I have yet to need more. No doubt hydraulic would be bigger and better but so would the price be.
8. Horn. Loud enough to be useful but probably not offensive, unless you're a cyclist and don't like getting dusted by an E scooter. Snigger.
9. The electronic menus. Read the better than average manual and they all make sense. Essential items.
10. The tyres. Great grip in the corners. Can't comment on their performance in really wet conditions yet though.
11. Split rims. YES! After 4 punctures in the Xiaomi 365 front wheel, I can't say enough nice things about the people who opted for split rims on the Vsett. So easy to fix a puncture. I got a pinch puncture from riding with too low tyre pressure on the rear.
12. The single/dual motor select button. It's right there under your thumb and you can actually see and feel which mode you're in, even with gloves on. Sweet as.
13. Mudguards. Despite the criticism from Wrong Way in his YT review, they do actually keep the crap off your face and back.
14. The charge ports. Personally, I don't find I stand on them, particularly if I'm intentional in my foot placement on the deck. They won't end up as a pretty shower of sparks if you do happen to toss your scooter down the road at 40kph. The caps work just fine. Good solution Vsett.
15. The folding stem clamp. Although there's some slight creaking now (seems common but harmless), the system inspires real confidence.
16. Size. I bought this with commuting on public transport in mind and I feel that it's pretty compact and easy enough to heft around, given the level of performance.
17. The handy little multi tool which Vsett include. It's small and compact, but will do things your fingers won't when you're 15 km from home. Keep it.
18. Electric Scooter Shop after sales service. I had a problem with a badly manufactured rear tyre but the team at ESS had a replacement out to me in record time; no questions or hesitation. I did a DIY change due to being level 4 at the time, so that's another reason I love the split rims. Thanks for the brilliant service and communication guys. Much appreciated.

Things that Vsett could work on.
1. Lights. The only major weakness I've found so far. I found the standard lights are quite good for visibility, but the front ones are totally inadequate for your own forward vision at night and are mounted too low. I bought a good accessory bar for the handle bars on AliExpress and fitted a Rockbros R3-1000. Surprisingly, the ring mount for the accessory bar fits neatly centered under the clamp for the scooters handle bars. Front light totally sorted. While the tail lights give good visibility at night, I'd like to have seen a larger tail light with a flashing function for day riding positioned higher up. I'm working on a 3D printed mount to accommodate a brighter tail light on the back edge of the foot rest to augment my helmet light.
2. The green locking collars on the handle bars. They do back off just slightly after a short time riding. Barely noteworthy though.
3. The rubber boots over the nuts on the swing arm pivots. One of mine was squashed out of shape on arrival and has since found a new home somewhere. They aren't very secure and probably need a dab of silicone sealant inside to secure them better.
4. Inner tube valves. Just get a pack of 19 mm valve extensions, PLU number 130230, from Supercheap, before your machine even arrives. This will help to preserve your sanity. The way the too short valves are placed makes it a near impossible to pump the tyres accurately to the recommended pressure. Maybe the pros have a way but it drove me nuts. See point 11 in the positives section ;-)
5. The digital display. Yeah, not easily seen in the daytime.
6. Watering eyes. I need better sunnies to keep the wind out of my eyes at these speeds. Nice!

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