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Scorching a path straight to the top of the premium e-scooter tree is the glorious new Vsett range, and leading the charge is the Vsett 10+ hyperscooter. We are delighted to be able to bring this range to NZ, and we are sure you will be blown away by the cutting edge technology and advanced feature set. 

The Vsett 10+ is offered in NZ with the A-grade LG 25.6ah battery option, guaranteeing longevity and long rides.

Power comes courtesy of twin 1400W motors, and an additional 'sport mode' for bursts of flat-out pace of up to 2 mins at a time (to avoid overheating). This is best reserved for private land, where you can hit 80km/h!

We absolutely love the triple-clamp folding mechanism. The weak point of so many designs, this is an engineering masterpiece and provides fantastic rigidity at a point where it is most needed to avoid flex.

Indicators. Finally. And on the whole Vsett range. Such an overlooked and important safety feature, now the following traffic will know where you are going. 

Key lock immobilizer. Now you have an effective way to secure your valuable ride. This unique feature is across the whole Vsett range

Folding handlebars make storage super-easy. After all, for many people this easy-stowage is half the point of an e-scooter. Of course hydraulic brakes are mounted to those handlebars. 

Features are all well and good, but this is a scooter that needs to be experienced. Building on years of experience creating market-leading performance scooters, Vsett have aced the process with this one, and set a benchmark for quality, performance, and pure riding experience. 

*Please read our page on scooter motor wattages and current NZTA regulations before purchase.  Scooters above 300W output sit outside the current NZTA definition of an 'e-scooter'. To read up on the current legal framework Click Here

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VSETT 10+ Technical Specifications

Dual 1400W
Fully hydraulic
Up to 90KM
Charge time
13 Hours (from 0%)
Max speed
80 KM/H
Max load

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alex Taylor
Vsett 10 + is the real deal

The Vsett 10 + delivers the goods. I got 50 km on half a battery on one motor and I weigh 95 kg. It powers me effortlessly up the Queen St hill in gear one with a single motor. Brakes are very good but have a bite that comes on quickly. I have not found the charging ports to be an issue with my feet as this scooter likes a foot firmly at or on the rear foot mount. It soaks up a big bump very well as the suspension is well designed. I am going to buy a steering dampener for mine and I recommend getting one installed at purchase. It goes well without one but I can see how it would be helpful.

This scooter is highly configurable and can be adapted for any style of riding. It is a good idea to be familiar with these settings before riding and configure accordingly. The battery charger does get warm and I would recommend not placing it on the board when charging as the heat transfers into the battery area. If placed on the guard at the rear the board always remains cool to the touch. Plug the charger into the wall and turn it on before connecting. This will avoid the pop that can happen when connecting as the result of discharge.

The school of thought is that this scooter is not for beginners but I disagree. Anyone with basic scooter experience such as rental riding can ride one of these because this scooter can be anything you want it to be. The advantages it offers in handling, braking and suspension are simply too good to pass up. All that needs to be done is to go into the settings and dial the scooter down until its a just a pussy cat.

Turn off cruise control, select the push required for trigger option, dial down the power and acceleration and you have one placid beast. Dial up the settings as you get more experience and the scooter simply adapts to your requirements.

The one feature that is not really up to snuff would have to be the horn. The light is sufficient in lit streets but an auxiliary light would pay big dividends. I believe I got the best scooter for the money in the Vsett 10 +. It is a scooter that gets and demands respect.

Mike Stieller
Good spirits.

Product arrived early during a working week, was packed secure and the servìce was great ( answered all novice Q ) I'm easing into it slowly but...yeah it's a machine.

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