e-TWOW Booster GT scooter side angle view
e-TWOW booster GT scooter folded down view from rear
e-TWOW Booster GT scooter folded down side-on view
e-TWOW Booster GT scooter view of folding mechanism
e-TWOW Booster GT scooter view of handlebars and brake lever
E-TWOW Boosted GT Scooter side view from left side
E-Twow Booster GT Scooter semi-folded view

E-TWOW Booster GT SE

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E-TWOW Booster GT SE

The Booster GT is the ultimate in featherweight high-performance scooters.

High Performance

At an unmatched 12kg with 700W power, the power-to-weight ratio is insane. In the real world, that translates to a powerful scooter you can easily carry one-handed, throw in the car, carry onto a bus, or whip up a flight of stairs with, all without breaking a sweat!

That high-torque motor makes climbing hills all too easy, and pushes you to a top speed of around 40km/h.

Excellent Braking

Braking on this scooter is excellent. Often a criticism of lightweight scooters where brakes are trimmed to save weight, the GT actually has 3 brake options. There is the rear drum brake, operated with a traditional lever. There is the electric brake, that recovers energy via the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System, the same technology as used in Formula 1!), and there is the rear-guard foot-operated friction brake. No shortage of options for you. the electric brake is particularly effective on this model.

Large Deck

The Booster GT has a considerably longer deck than previous models. It has ample room for the bigger-footed rider, and the deck surface is rubberised for plenty of grip, and is also easier to clean than grip-tape models.

Airless Tyres and Dual Shock Absorbers

The Booster GT rolls on patented polyurethane airless tyres, which offer a smooth and easy ride. Being airless that means no punctures, ever, which saves you time, money, and frustration. With shock absorbers front and rear there is ample provision for a smooth ride.


Fast Folding
The folding system on the Booster range is top-notch. A super-simple lever activates the fold easily, and the folded scooter locks securely in place for easy carrying.

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